My dad has always told me to photograph more so that he and my family can see what I’m up to. So here is a photo from yesterday’s adventure with my good friend and fellow photographer Adriane Honerbrink.

In this photo the brightly colored fireweed explode into fall with the crisp, cool weather, horrific downpours, and the gray days that are so common to Juneau,AK. Its a beautiful and harsh time to be out in the woods watching the change of another season. But if you get kitted up in the proper gear it isn’t so bad and then you can fully enjoy the change with the full eagerness as winter approaches!


-Kenneth Checote Moriarty


Downtown Juneau

Last week at the Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau,AK

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Kenneth Checote Moriarty

What vacation?

Sometimes its best to rest when you are not on vacation. My father found this out two weeks ago when he flew to Alaska from Texas to escape the heat that the summer brings down south.

Within hours of his arrival we were at the Mendenhall Glacier photographing black bears that were fishing for sockeye salmon. We didn’t stop there, the next day brought bubble net feeding humpback whales, then a day of fishing before my art exhibit, followed up by a day of glacier exploration.

Finally when his legs couldn’t move anymore and I thought I might have tired him out, my work called and I had to return to my daily grind of guiding photography trips in Juneau,AK.

It was the perfect time for him to rest and me to get back to work and earn some money before the fall kicked. The experiences we shared were great and I am always excited about sharing my home with my friends, family, and strangers that come here.

While it is impossible to get all that Juneau has to offer in a day, week, or year, I think that a lot of people understand why we live here once they have experienced part of our lifestyle. The joys of fishing for salmon while watching bubblnet feeding whales lung to the surface. Or the far off glaciers taht dot the mountain sides, and the sun shine that appears through holes in our clouds. It is all unique and beautiful.

Here are some photographs of these days when my dad was here.

It never gets old.

Yesterday I was out with Cpt. Colin on one of Gastineau Guiding’s boats, the Sounder. I was out on a photo safari for work and we were hoping to show some clients some new stuff, something that people rarely see.

We came to a group of bubble net feeding humpbacks off the East side of Shelter Island near Juneau,AK. There were about 14 or 15 humpback whales in the group with one baby calf milling around in between all of the whale watching and fishing boats.

We came to a chaotic cluster of boats, waves, wind and rain and got lucky. The humpbacks had been setting their bubble net throughout the area, but whenever they were unsuccessful one adult whale would come up to the surface, and then the other dozen would follow suit.

I noticed one surface near our boat and head in our direction. Soon after the rest of the group came up heading towards us. These guys were moving quick and dove under our boat and surfaced about 30 yards on the other side.

These photos are of the group swimming away from our boat and also what they looked like on our depth finder. ┬áIf you’d like to see more photos then check out Checote Photography.